The Case For Perpetual KYC     a new white paper by Manny Cohen

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Armadillo Compliance, which also incorporates a UK regulated Law Firm can assist you and your client by taking over all KYC requirements, do our own checking and then introduce the client back to you with a full due diligence screen. Your client confidentiality is assured as we are also a UK law firm and can benefit from high level confidentiality and legal privilege. Backed by a specialist team of legal and compliance professionals, this service draws upon our experience, commercial awareness and practical skills. We are particularly experienced with international due diligence and understanding complicated corporate structures.

Your Regulated Business

Armadillo Compliance Verification - Depending on risk, you can if you wish check our independent data systems. We also check the client regularly on your behalf depending on risk.

Accounting and Audit - We can assist the client with their international accounting and tax issues. We can also check any financial data supplied.

UK Law firm Armadillo Legal - We can hold the clients confidential information such as source funds. They can refer to us and just have to say "See my UK lawyers". We will keep their data updated constantly. All your clients international companies can also be made compliant.

Armadillo Compliance & Due Dilligence Compilation & Assistance - We work with your client, take them onboard and introduce them to you with full KYC, Due Dilligence Compliance pack. We can charge the client, you do not have to absorb the cost.

You review our pack and make a final decision.

We provide a variety of services that will compliment every business compliance need from a single platform with automated workflows and a single data flow to our fully outsourced compliance control & assistance.


Armadillo can supply Instant Online Compliance Data, as well as, Legal & Compliance advice. We are the best as we understand your needs, having three different regulated firms in our business, including a UK regulated law firm that can also ensure confidentiality.


We can advise on your Compliance Policy, client risk control & risk assessment, on-boarding process & Compliance in your organisation and within the regulated industries under the EU 4th Directive and UK Criminal Finances Act.


Through our UK regulated law firm, we can assist your business with the full compliance function. This includes ongoing training, control of your risk register, management of your client files, client KYC contact, updating of all compliance elements within your Firm, including protection of your brand/trade name and the prevention of infringement. From marketing to client due diligence regulatory advice and control, Armadillo will take over the compliance headache and let you do best what you know.

RegTech Solutions

Perfect for your Compliance Department. We have a combination of data from a vast amount of sources giving our multi-lingual experienced teams the edge when it comes to giving a high quality compliance support service. We have developed a trusted network with an extensive database of companies and can provide documents and information from all jurisdictions.

Compliance Solutions

As a Partner, Director or Manager are you 100% confident in your compliance procedures? Armadillo Compliance has the experience, knowledge and support to help you solve the KYC compliance on-boarding challenge.

Important Information

  1. Armadillo have over 40 years of experience in helping clients meet and stay ahead of the continually changing world of compliance mandates. We have helped clients across industries simplify and automate their compliance process to create solutions that meet extreme needs for scalability and flexibility.
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The Case For Perpetual KYC     a new white paper by Manny Cohen

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